About BigBrownBat Ceramics

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Artist bio

All BigBrownBat ceramics are handmade by me, Mary. I started working with clay in high school and continued studying ceramics at Centre College of KY. I'm a middle school art teacher now for my day job. On weekends, I make ceramics because it makes me happy. I am inspired by the natural beauty of different clay bodies and by the plants, animals and vibrant colors I see around me. I started BigBrownBat on Etsy in 2011 and now sell at local art markets sometimes. Hopefully my artwork makes you smile too. 

Where does the name come from? 

Big brown bats are useful mammals and useful pottery tools. The animal big brown bat can eat her weight in insects each night, providing natural pest control. The tool big brown bat covers the entire pottery wheel so an artist can create, remove, dry, and return work to the wheel without damage.
ceramic bats and mammal bats